Welcome to the site of the "Corpo Bandistico Folkloristico Dozzese".

Welcome to the site of the "Corpo Bandistico Folkloristico Dozzese". Born as traditional country band in 1925 in Dozza, a small hilly town in the province of Bologna, becomes permanently in folk group in 1975 when adopting the traditional Romagna costume party dress of 1700. Composed of some 40 items, the Folk Band Dozzese around for Italy, Europe and worldwide traditions and folklore of the region. The folkloriscito group is a mix of classic band marches accompanied by sciucaren or ciucaren (frustatori in Italian), heirs of the old birocciai accompanying the music of the band with the fool of their whip. Songs, dances, whipers folk and traditions of Romagna.

 about Us

The Folk Band Dozzese can be summed up, albeit with figures in the arid over 1,700 relief services nationally, more than seventy performances in many major European cities and in the U.S.A....


 upcoming shows

  • 02 Settembre 2018 - DOZZA (Bo)
  • 09 Settembre 2018 - TOSCANELLA (Bo)
  • 16 Settembre 2018 - TOSCANELLA (Bo)
  • 23 Settembre 2018 - SELVA MALVEZZI (Bo)